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Board of Directors

Margaret McKane Mauldin (Creek), board chair. Margaret teaches the Creek language at the University of Oklahoma, has authored a Creek hymnbook and tapes, and has co-authored a Creek dictionary.

Richard Grounds (Euchee). Richard is the Executive Director of the Euchee Language Project.

Alice Anderton, PhD, Executive Director. Alice is a linguist, editor, teaching consultant, and former Comanche language instructor. She produces Wordpath, IWS's television show about Oklahoma Indian languages.

Robert Brian Levy. Brian is the Executive Director of the Kiwat Hasinay Foundation (Caddo language and cultural preservation) and an archiving specialist.

Dorna Riding In (Pawnee). Dorna is an Educator in the Pawnee Language Program.

Pauline Wahpepah (Absentee Shawnee). Pauline speaks Kickapoo and Shawnee, which she teaches for her tribe.

Board of Advisors

Truman Black (Otoe), language teacher

Jerry Bread (Kiowa), educator

Mary Ann Brittan (Choctaw), educator

Carl Downing, PhD, (Cherokee/Creek/Choctaw), bilingual education specialist

Susan Garzon, PhD, linguist.

Mary Haney (Loyal Shawnee/Delaware), director of Indian Education for Shawnee Public schools.

Marcia Haag, PhD, linguist

Jan Michael, MBA, business advisor

Frank Oberly (Comanche/Osage), CPA

Ronald Red Elk (Comanche). President of the Comanche Language and Cultural Preservation Committee

Charlene Wright (Caddo), Caddo Nation Language Preservation Director

^ Above: Pauline Wahpepah and Alice Anderton
working the IWS booth at Red Earth



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