Nanibah “Nani” Chacon

Nani Chacon
Reclamation: Manifestations of Changing Woman, oil on canvas


My current work is based upon the images of women and their placement in contemporary culture. I have portrayed these women in a semi-confrontational dialogue with the viewer, as to state the bridge of femininity ascends all paths. The pop-culture format of my paintings works in the tradition of illustrators of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The use of vibrant color in this format allows for an almost instant reaction from the viewer, much the same way one would react to an advertising ad or commercial illustration. This layout imprints the image with the viewer, allowing for a deeper contemplation on the uncommon subject matter. The characters based in my work focus to provide a commentary on women in various emerging subcultures. The characters of these paintings are not to subjectively portray a female dominance. Instead announce the common presence of women in all aspects of culture, inherent and profound to the landscape as anything else. The subjects become a piece to embrace and confront the natural attributes women possess and add to the forefront of society. My most recent work focuses primarily on women of the Southwest. As an female artist from New Mexico from a bi-cultural background (Diné/Chicana), I see how the culture of New Mexico is unique to the region and unlike any other part of the world. In my work I aim to provide a glimpse at women not only in contemporary culture but throughout time, as I feel it is inherent to provide an image for our natural grounding to history, culture and ideologies, and how that has a dialogue with contemporary culture.