Contemporary Native American artists explore biodiversity and language diversity through their work. "There is a direct relationship between the loss of cultural diversity and the loss of biodiversity. Wherever Indigenous peoples still remain, there is also a corresponding enclave of biodiversity." -Winona LaDuke

Think VisualThink Visual Gallery

Owned by photographer Jeffery Hillier, Think Visual Gallery is donating 25% of all art sales in this show to The Second Longest Walk, a five-month walk from San Francisco to Washington DC to bring attention to environmental issues. The gallery is located at: 215 Main Street, Point Arena, CA on Highway One. Map.

The opening reception was held Saturday, June 7th, 7-9pm.Thanks to Kim Shuck and Ras K'dee for sharing their poetry and the 215 Jazz Band for providing music.


Richard Castaneda
(Salt River Pima Maricopa)
photography | website

Kelly Church (Odawa/Ojibwe/Potawatomi)
basketry, paintings | website

Peggy Fontenot
(designated artisan of the Patawomeck, a state-recognized organization in Virginia)
photographer | biography

Jake Fragua
(Jemez Pueblo)

L. Frank
paintings, drawings | website

Ras K'Dee
(Dry Creek Pomo/Kenyan)
spoken word | website

Gary Kinson
(Abenaki descent)
drawings, paintings

Linda Lomahaftewa
monotypes, paintings | website

America Meredith
(Cherokee Nation)
paintings | website

Randy Pike

Kim Shuck
(Cherokee Nation)
poetry, beadwork | website

Hoka Skenadore
(Oneida/Oglala Lakota/Luiseño)
painting | website


Jeffery Hillier • (707) 882.4042 or jeffery j. hillier @
Think Visual, 215 Main Street, Point Arena, CA 95468-1052

Upcoming Event

Niki Lee, an Arikara/Caddo painter, beadworker, and printmaker, and Reid Gómez, a Navajo writer and photographer, will have a month-long show at Think Visual in July.