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The Plants Are Our Allies


A traditional Cherokee story inspired this series. Animals became angry with humans for their overzealous hunting, so they met in a council. Each animal decided to create a disease that would strike back at humans. The plants got wind of the animals' plan, and they also met in a council. The plants decided that, for every disease the animals created, they would offer a cure. Thus Cherokees believe that every single plant possesses a potential medicine.

I painted seven original gouache paintings of plants found on Cherokee lands that serve as metaphors. I reproduced images of the paintings to create plant tags, which I have attached to various plants out in the world.

The series is complemented by installations of moss, other plants, and pebbles forming Cherokee words. English artist Helen Nodding popularized moss graffiti. My friends coined the term "bryoglyph" for moss writing – either by growing moss or scraping moss away to form words.


Click on preview image at left to view painting.





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