Matty Luv

San Francisco, heroin-, alcohol-, and Klonopins-related death
1968 - 5.October.2002

Worked at Aero in the early 90s, bands: Fuck Boyz, Hickey, and was DJ Queenie in Dr. Dre Del's Mike of Defiance.

Maximum Rock and Rock Radio Archives #799 10/12/02:
RAW POWER - Raw Power
Paul Curran - Bay Area
STFU - Deconstruct
FLESHIES - Luchador
THE EDDIE HASKELS - Dumpster Divin'
QUEEN COBRA - Satan of the 90's
Craigums - In memory of Matty Luv 1968-2002
HICKEY - Make sure there's no squares at my funeral
HICKEY - Hey cutie pie
MATTY LUV acoustical set at the Pink Probe Palace in the couple weeks between the FUCKBOYZ and HICKEY
HICKEY - Revolution $19.95
DR DRE DEL (and Matty Luv as DJ QUEENIE) Make room for whitey
YOGURT - Reagan still sux
FUCKBOYZ - Last honest auto mechanic in america
YOGURT - Cars are the dinosaurs of tomorrow
FUCKBOYZ - Sodomy laws (were meant to be broken)
DR DRE DEL - Dr Dre Del gets laid
HICKEY - Her prosthetic hands
HICKEY - Last nite on the planet
HICKEY - Everyone's a whore
A touching moment with FRANK VOODOO GLOWSKULL
UNIT BREED - Three months forever