Board of Directors

Charlene Wright, Board Chair, has been a leader in Caddo language and oral traditions preservation and worked with the tribe for decades, starting classes, recording elders, and archiving.

Robert Brian Levy, Executive Director, has a linguistics and teaching background, and has worked with the tribe for over a decade doing language preservation work.

Alice Anderton, PhD, is a linguist and a dedicated language preservation specialist who founded the Intertribal Wordpath Society.

Vermona Collins, Caddo elder and speaker, has been a long-time supporter of language and cultural preservation efforts.

^ Charlene Wright works to create an archive


Alberta Beatty, Caddo speaker, teacher George Beatty, Caddo language activist
Margie Botone, Caddo speaker Cecile Elkins Carter, Caddo tribal historian
Wallace Chafe, PhD, linguist Vermona Collins, Caddo speaker

Randlett Edmonds, Caddo speaker, singer, and
dedicated cultural preservation activist

Donnie Frank, language preservationist
Pete Gregory, anthropologist Stacey Halfmoon, Caddo cultural preservation activist
Madelyn Hamilton, Caddo speaker Dayna Lee, PhD, anthropologist
Lynette Melnar, PhD, linguist Phil Newkumet , long-time Caddo language activist
Marilyn Threlkeld, Caddo language activist Buntin Williams, Caddo speaker and master singer

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