Who's Coming!

No. Name City

 1 Anja R. Bern, Switzerland
 2 Roli M. Zürich, Switzerland
 3 Phillip M. Freiberg, Germany
 4 Maria L. Vienna, Austria
 5 John 'Uncle Salty' K. Minneapolis, US
 6 John 'Uncle Bad Touch' B. Boston, US
 7 America Meredith Oklahoma City, US
 8 Xander Wilkes Portarlington, Ireland
 9 Damon Votour San Francisco, US
 10 Thomi S. Zürich, Switzerland
 11 Crissima P. London, Monkey Island
 12 Johnny 'Canuck' S. Toronto, Canada
 13 Fish Copenhagen
 14 Luk K. Zürich, Switzerland
 15 'Porno' Stefan F. Zürich, Switzerland
 16 Flip Copenhagen, Denmark
 17 Sal Wilmington, NC, US
 18 Buttjuice Citizen of the World
 19 Patrick K. Stuttgart, Germany
 20 Mischa 'Impossible' S. Freiburg, Germany
 21 Lisa R.       M. Freiburg, Germany
 22 Mortimer Slowmo Berlin, Germany
 23 Andrew E. Houston, Republic of Texas
 24 Dakid Houston, Republic of Texas
 25 Gerfried "Nova" P. Vienna, Austria
 26 Neal Keogh Copenhagen, Denmark
 27 Andri 'Randal' G. Zürich, Switzerland
 28 Gerald 'Gee' A. Houston, Republic of Texas
 29 Chris Grieve Edinburgh, Scotland
 30 Mark 'Homer' O. London, Monkey Island
 31 Dustin Berlin, Germany
 32 Mo Berlin, Germany
 33 The Ginger Warrior Glesca, Scotland
 34 Spock Wan King Copenhagen, Denmark
 35 Kai Hawaii Hamburg, Germany
 36 James McK. Edinburgh, Scotland
 37 Eric W. Milwaukee, US
 43 Phil C-K Edinburgh, Scotland
 55 Fraser S. Toronto, Canada
 102 Maria Therese L. Copenhagen, Denmark
 105 Marie L. Copenhagen, Denmark
 136 Dominic S. London, Monkey Island
 303 Robin Superkid London, Monkey Island
 321 Craig Nasty London, Monkey Island

- Glasgopoloco: Showing Copenhagen how it's done -


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