Globe Trotting with the Bummy Doll


 A Happy Ending!


<Pleased to find the doll intact, Damon straps him securely to his bike and writes the last message on the doll.

With the Bummy and Damon reunited we can all breathe easier.

Fear and Loathing in Bummy Town


< "If you talk anymore smack about Canada, I'm going to rip your arms off," Amy of NYC cheerfully informs her new friend.


 The next day, a surprisingly demonic Ellie sews his arms back on. >

The Bummy Doll reminds Eric of their lost weekend of absinthe and sex workers
together in Romania last summer.

^ Rodin's lesser known sculpture:
"The Bummer."

These young Brits try to introduce our hero to the joy of drinking tea. "Tea might be okay for those Arsenal Football toffs, but real men drink PBR!" For this lack of propriety they force him to watch a Benny Hill marathon until he smartens up. "Tea is swell,"says the newly enlightened Bummy Doll. >


The Bummy Doll's carefree
travels are interrupted!

< The Doll is accosted by none other than the Ghost of Bummy Past! This menacing spectre tells the Doll that he must find out about his ancient bummy roots. First stop: medieval England to the earliest know stand-by spot of Master Bummy, Mike Crane.



Heeding the Ghost's instructions, the Bummy goes on a pilgrimage. Here he makes an offering to Sylvan N. Goldman, the inventor of the shopping cart 

^ And Lo! His prayers are answered!


 Further research into the Bummies of Yore >



< The most rewarding experience of all, though, had to be finding the home of Pa Bummy in Devil's Elbow, Missouri. Pa introduces our hero to moonshine, and the Bummy Doll says: "I might have lost my vision, but I have SEEN THE LIGHT!"

The Bummy Doll can be reached at:

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