art of native american labor

San Francisco Opening Pictures

^ Roy Boney, Jr.; Michael Horse, Janeen Antoine, Pennie Opal Plant
< Reid Gómez and Niki Lee next to Niki's paintings

^ Wobblies in the house. Center is artist Dean Dempsey

^ Poets: Chad Sweeney, Molly McGlennen, Kim Shuck, Gabriel Duncan
Oklahoma Opening Pictures

^ Kelley Lunsford and daughter Prairie

^ Roy Boney, Dawnena and Agalisiga MacKey

^ atmosphere
< Agalisiga shows us what its all about
Michigan Opening Pictures

^ Bill Church discussing the art with the Patricks

^ Dakota Chelsea and Cherish Parrish pose in front of her birch bark bitings.

^ Ed Pigeon, cultural coordinator of the
Gun Lake Band, and son Max



Photos by America Meredith


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