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Loyal is a town with a population of approximately 70 located on the Cheyenne-Arapaho Nation in Western Oklahoma. A predominantly German-American town, Loyal was originally called Kiel. The townspeople changed the name during WWI to show their patriotism. I was interested in the interplay between the many different peoples and animals in this farming community. I am greatly in the debt of the Pope family for this series. With their help and that of my family, we hosted the first ever art show in Loyal at the Lion's Club Building and temporarily tripled the population of the town.


Click on preview image at left to view painting.

Elizabeth Ogle
Bell Balenti
Otter Woman's Son
T. R. Frasier
Dragonfly Girl
Shooting Night
Scratchy and the Combine
Contented Calf
4 Toads
April 19th



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